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Do You Need To Make a Health Change? Consider the 'What', the 'Why', and the 'How'

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Each January the cycle begins anew - resolution to . . . fill in the blank (lose weight, get active, cut sugar, stop exaggerating) and you try it for a few days or a few weeks but invariably we return to our set point in health habits. The problem with this cycle is that it trains our brain to believe that real change is not possible; that something must be wrong with us and why struggle against it. Let's reframe this situation - you can definitely make permanent life style changes in regards to your health with minor set backs built into the system. The key is to consider what really needs to change, why you are motivated to make that change, and how can you adjust the goal so that it aligns with your ability to change. This is a mega-topic so I'm starting a series of blogs to help. Let's dive into the 'what' regarding your health.

What Might You Change About Your Health

If you want to make a health change it's important to consider all of the factors that affect your overall sense of wellbeing. I encourage clients to focus on making changes that will help them feel better, enjoy more energy, exude more vitality, and boost their overall happiness and joy. Losing weight is a worthy goal and it will definitely happen as you make lifestyle changes but I think that a weight loss goal by itself is discouraging for some people.

Sustainable weight loss is slow. If you are increasing activity you will hopefully gain muscle mass while you burn more fat. Muscle weighs more than fat so sometimes significant body changes don't translate to a smaller number on the scale. I know too many people that are discouraged by their stubborn weight and give up completely. Weighing yourself daily is a recommended habit but put 'feeling energetic' as your top goal. Chasing weight loss is sometimes like chasing happiness. Both occur as a result of other things that you are doing. Therapists recommend that you chase meaning and happiness follows. Likewise, as your health coach I recommend that you chase high energy and vitality, the weight loss will come.

I think that a substantial portion of feeling more energy can be achieved by reducing inflammation. Feeling energetic and vitality is what our bodies are built for - think of it like the sun always shining. Inflammation is like have clouds covering the sun. If you want to get healthy we need to clear away the clouds. A vigorous and energetic mind and body are our natural state of existence. We need to recognize what is blocking that natural state and remove it. This leads me to the next blog in this series:

Inflammation - Why is My Body Attacking Itself?

This is where I make my pitch to help you. I started Flow Dojo fitness and training because I love empowering people to feel healthy and happy. Let's work together to achieve your wellness goals. I'm a certified behavior change specialist as well as a personal trainer and instructor of martial arts, pilates, yoga, and meditation. Let me help you find your Flow.

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