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Self Defense

Group and Private Classes

Dr. George Place will be leading these sessions.  George is the head striking instructor at Fenix Jiu Jitsu in Hickory, NC. He is a black belt in Kenpo Karate, a former competitive full contact kickboxer, and he is currently training in Jiu Jitsu.  George is also a certified personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist,  behavior change specialist, Tai Chi, and Yoga instructor.

Soraya boxing short pic_edited.png
Soraya boxing short pic_edited.png

Self Defense For Women

Private and group classes for women's self defense can be custom designed to meet your needs.  You will learn:


Fun drills and hands-on practice

How to train and use your strongest weapons against the weakest part of an attacker

Best targets to stop an attacker

Techniques for escaping attacks

How to avoid attack situations using your voice and body language

Stephanie with knee small_edited.png

Private Self Defense Training 

Take your training to the next level with private lessons.

Boxing, kickboxing, or ground work classes are not only fun and empowering but you will also get a great workout. 

The training is designed for your fitness levels so don't be intimidated.

Remember my biggest goal is that you have fun!

Stephanie with knee small_edited.png
Jackie with elbow_edited.png

Private Group Sessions


Get together with some of your friends and we will custom design a self defense session for you.  


We can do single sessions with a specific focus or on-going sessions to build and fortify skills.

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